Córdoba patterns

Some pictures from the Great Mosque of Córdoba. In these chilly days the vacation photos and the vacation songs give the warm dreams.

Me gusta mucho Andalucia!


Bom dia Lisboa

Cafes in Lisbon were empty. And very special. The owner of one of them was preparing coffee as if it was the most precious elixir vitae in the world. Every time I hear this song, I'm back there again.
And the second place was a bar in the middle of nowhere. Lazy Sunday, melancholic fado filtering from the old radio, almond cake and Sangria from under the counter, for friends, not for tourists. There are places where the time stops. And it's impossible to illustrate or describe it. No way.

Luz y Sol. Madrid, Madrid...

Tell me the truth, is it love or just Paris?

Faraway, so close...

Sometimes the distance becomes really short. After years of Internet friendship I finally met two wonderful girls and extremely talented artists -- Julenka from Madrid and Cristenka living in Porto. It's too difficult to describe how amazing and important time we spent together.
Be sure to check out their websites:
Julia Bereciartu
Cristina Regadas

(The photos show Maggie -- Julia's cute cat and Cristina).