Paris Phantasmagoria - part 2

Travel Phantasmagoria - Paris

It's been some time since I started illustrating my travel phantasmagorias but it was always a private, top secret thing. First reason: I often draw silly objects or events, totally unimportant to others (who the hell cares that I tried Prada sunglasses on?!). Second reason: having a travel diary is sooo banal (even Rutilius Claudius Namatianus had one). Third reason: having any diary is quite embarassing. Fourth reason: my scanner doesn't want to cooperate with me on my terms.
No more reasons. Let's give it a try.

Brand new website!

I have a brand new website!
And five pairs of brand new shoes. But that's a different story.

Hôtel Du Nord

Canal Saint-Martin is a fabulous and very magical place in Paris. I like the atmosphère of Hôtel du Nord and the taste of wine mixed with the song by Les Fatals Picards.

Btw. have you spotted that the guys drinking coffee don't have chairs?... Oh, they must feel extremely uncomfortable. I think I should help them soon...

Le Café Parisien

Half a year without Paris is much too much. I'm looking forward to spring and next hundreds of coffees drunk in random petits cafés.
These days I listen to Alain Souchon and Serge Gainsbourg, Marc Lavoine and Michel Fugain, wear my Montmartre pink béret and Belleville polka dot trousers, and draw, cut, draw. More pictures very soon (and the new website as well). Oh! The 2012 has gone off like a rocket.