These are two pictures I took at Ron Mueck's exhibition before I heard (twice) "no photos, please". 

Ron Mueck's art has fascinated me for years and I was extremely happy to finally have an occasion to stand next to his creatures and (almost) hear them breathing.
It's hard to explain how big impact those hyperrealistic sculptures can make. Mueck plays with scale - bodies are too big or too small, and takes care of every single detail - hair, moles, wrinkles or varicose veins. His people seem to be alive and sometimes make you feel like a voyeur. Their vulnerablity can be contagious.

Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain in Paris displays nine of his works: Woman With Shopping, Woman With Sticks, Still Life, Couple Under An Umbrella, Drift, Young Couple Edition 1/1 2013, Man In A Boat, Mask II and Youth, accompanied by an exclusive video Still life: Mueck at work, realised by Gautier Deblonde.

The exhibition has been prolonged to 27th October 2013. Look for a big colorful umbrella.